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The Emerald Eye

A Poetry Magazine for new nature writing.

The Panther

Rainer Maria Rilke

The soft the supple step and sturdy pace,
that in the smallest of all circles turns,
moves like a dance of strength around a core
in which a mighty will is standing stunned.

Only at times the pupil’s curtain slides
up soundlessly — . An image enters then,
goes through the tensioned stillness of the limbs —
and in the heart ceases to be.

The Emerald Eye is a semi-annual poetry magazine that features new nature writing. With "new nature writing" is meant writing that re-imagines the ways we experience and write about the natural world. The human state is necessarily an ecological one and The Emerald Eye aims to investigate and curate this unique approach to creative writing.

"As far as the editorial team is concerned, sorry to say folks, but it's only me".

I was inspired by the intensely glowing green of summer in South Africa. I remember thinking that however frightening our times, I can think of no one that would trade such a glow for anything in the world. I felt I was looking through eyes tinted by the glow of Earth, an emerald eye.

The Emerald Eye is thought up and edited by Charika Swanepoel, the founder and editor of Laurel Magazine. She is completing her MA. in English poetry at the North-West University in SA while lecturing and reading. She reads for Frontier Poetry as well as Helen Magazine. Her own poems have appeared on platforms such as Glass Poetry, L'Éphémère Review, Literator, New Contrast, Prifrock Magazine, etc.

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